What You Need to Know

What you need to know for boarding your pet at The Pooch Pad

All dogs must be up to date on shot records. You can bring them in for us to take a copy or you can have your vet fax them to us 713-523-1104. They must have….. Rabies – DHLPP – Bordatella (aka kennel cough).  It is your responsibility to keep us updated on new shot records.

Let’s Talk About Food

We do provide food at no additional cost. Since some dogs feel a little out of place or just not sure about the whole eating process at the pooch pad, we always add a little something special to their food to make sure they eat. We do monitor food intake so don’t worry about your baby eating. We make sure they do eat although it is common for them not to eat the first day. If your dog plays hard during the day we may increase food amount. So if you bring their food please allow for extra food if your dog likes to play. If you bring their own food we need each meal (we feed twice a day) to be in an individual baggie with their name on it. It does not need to be dated. If it comes any other way you will be charged an additional feeding fee. Raw foods diet/cooked or any other type of special feeding will be charged $2.00 per meal. Please understand we want to take care for your pet the way you would but it does take extra time and preparation for this kind of feeding.

How about those pills

There will be $5.00.day charge per administration for all medications. You must put in writing exactly how much and how to administer all medications. Please do not assume we know.  We take medicine administrations very serious at the pooch pad.  All medications MUST be labeled.

All the comforts of home

Now of course we want to care for your pet just as you would but we have very high standards of cleanliness at The Pooch Pad. We know you would like to bring their bedding with them but we would like it if you left the bedding to us. Reasons why: we wash all bedding daily. Most dog beds take up a lot of room in our washers. We do use comfy bedding for all pets. Now if you insist on bringing bedding it MUST come in freshly washed. If not we will not accept it. Also please only bring what we can wash. If we can’t wash it daily we can’t use it. Please label bedding.

Toys, Toys and Some More Toys

Although we do provide plenty of toys, you are more than welcome to bring some toys from home. But we cannot be responsible for their safe return or condition. So leave the favorites at home. We cannot except any raw hides or meat/food based chew toys.

The Return Home

There are some things you need to know about picking your pets up. We are closed to the public on Sundays. No one will be allowed to pick up their pets outside of our regular business hours unless prior arrangements have been made . That is our day to do maintenance, get exterminated and do our deep cleaning. If you drive by and see your pet out playing please do not stop…Please respect that our staff is here to care for your pet and does not need there day interrupted. Of course for all emergencies there is a solution.

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