Terms & Conditions


We require that your pet(s) be current on vaccinations. The following requirements must be met prior to services


Canine: Rabies/DHLPP /Bordetella (kennel cough)

Felines: FVRCP-C/ Rabies

All required vaccinations help prevent disease outbreaks in both your pet and our facility. It is the responsibility of the pet owner to provide The Pooch pad with verification of a pet’s vaccination history and keep us updated.

I (pet owner) understand that any problems that arise during the course of my pets grooming/ boarding/daycare will be treated by the staff at The Pooch Pad as they see fit based on their professional experience and I (pet owner) assume full responsibility for treatment expenses that may be incurred. Unless a life or death situation arises. I (pet owner) will be contacted by the staff of The Pooch Pad at the emergency number provided prior to any treatment decisions that may involve additional expenses to you (pet owner). In the event we cannot reach you. Treatment will be at the discretion of staff at The Pooch Pad.

Reasonable precautions will be used against injury, escape or death of pets while in the care of The Pooch Pad and its staff. The Pooch Pad and staff will not be held liable for problems that develop, including injury, escape or death of your pet while it is in the care of The Pooch Pad.

Daycare animals: Dogs play. Dogs play ruff. Dogs do not have hands so they often play with their mouths. Dog’s mouths have teeth. So therefore your dog could get in the way of those teeth. We will do everything we can to make sure you your pet is not injured in daycare. But if a problem does arise we will NOT be responsible for any or part of veterinary bills.

For grooming animals: All necessary precautions will be used in order to assure that no injuries occur to your pet during grooming. In the event that your pet becomes overly aggressive or is severely matted the staff at The Pooch Pad reserves the right to refuse service. And or request sedation for that pet in the future. You will be contacted in the event of that necessity. In some case your pet’s skin may become irritated due to shaving and/or clipping out matted hair. In rare cases your pet’s skin may be inadvertently cut due to the matted hair being shaved or clipped.

For boarding animals:  We strive for safety and the utmost in cleanliness at The Pooch Pad. In order to maintain our high standards. A staff member of The Pooch Pad will examine each pet for FLEAS, TICKS and minor health problems and over all cleanliness. In the event we find such problems the pet will be bathed (in flea shampoo and /or deodorizing shampoo) at the owner’s expense. For minor and other health problems The Pooch Pad may in its discretion refuse to accept the pet until such conditions are corrected. By leaving your pet with the staff at the Pooch Pad you represent that your pet is in good health and that all vaccinations are current.  In the event your pet becomes ill or if the state of its health otherwise requires professional attention while in The Pooch Pad’s care, you (pet owner) hereby grant The Pooch Pad the authority in its sole discretion to engage the services of a veterinarian of The Pooch Pad’s choice. The pet owner will pay for charges by The Pooch Pad and/or any veterinarian for services performed on/or for your pet.

Abandonment: For grooming Animals: It shall be deemed abandonment if an owner fails to pick up their pet on the day it is being groomed or bathed, unless prior arrangements (or phone arrangements due to emergency only) is made. With that an extra charge could occur.

Boarding animals: It shall be deemed abandonment if an owner fails to pick up their pet by the agreed date at which the faculty and the owner agreed upon. If an owner calls in to extend pick up date an extra charge could be accrued.

If an animal is deemed abandoned, we The Pooch Pad reserve the right to hold an animal for a reasonable time frame (3-5 days). In the event owner or a family member does not call upon the animal in the said time frame, we The Pooch Pad relinquish the right to said animals. We The Pooch Pad will then turn that animal over to the Human Society.


We at The Pooch Pad treat your pets as our pets and will do everything in our power to make this the most pleasurable experience you and your “babies” could ever have.